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Microsoft designed the Windows Azure Platform to make it very easy for you to move your app to the cloud: use the tools you know, deploy your app on multiple instances without having to worry about servers, VMs or load balancers and enjoy the peace of mind that someone is minding all the security patches, upgrades and maintenance.

The Windows Azure and SQL Azure Extended subscriptions make it even easier for you to move your app to the cloud, by giving you 750 Computer hours, 10GB of storage, one 10GB SQL Azure database and much more at 52% off of our normal consumption rates. And from April 1st until June 30th, if you buy two Windows Azure and SQL Azure Extended subscriptions you'll be eligible to receive a $500 rebate. You've heard it said 1000s of times that you should backup your data. A great data backup strategy entails two duplicates of the data; one onsite (it exists within your workplace or workplace) and something off-site (you pay a web-based data company to store it remotely on their own secure web servers).
Online back-up services like are not created equal when it comes to data protection.Infact they have some amazing deals and Carbonite coupon codes right now for new customers, we recommend them. The strongest security is "absolutely no knowledge" file encryption. It encrypts your data using a distinctive file encryption that only you possess; nobody, including you, can access your bank account without a key.
Any company that has been in operation for longer than 24hrs should be concerned about conserving its data and files. If every file is on a local PC then you are susceptible to crashes, viruses or other natural technological disasters which could result intotal loss of data. Onlineback-up storage space costs are as necessary as paying income taxes. Any business without it is playing a game of roulette with their companies future.

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